Market leaders in screen protectors, made proudly in Sweden.

With a decade of experience in developing and building high quality screen protectors, our focus has always been quality. The technologies contained within our protective films are the same you’ll find in helicopter blades to protect them mid-flight – the perils of the everyday don’t stand a chance.

Protect your employees' phones

Statistically, one in five phones are damaged each year.

The damage most commonly sustained are cracked screens following accidental drops.

In Sweden, repairing a cracked screen generally costs between 2000-5000 SEK – every single time.

That’s a lot of money for something that’s easily preventable.

Save costs

Replacing a broken screen normally costs ca 5,000:-

Slide the scale above to see how much you could save with Copter.

Choose Copter

Full Protection


Protects screens from the impact of drops with Anti-shatter technology.

Protects from scratches, hard edges or dust wear with Scratch-proof coating.

Seamless Experience


No compromise on picture quality with HD clarity glass and film.

You won’t notice it’s on there with our responsive touch & invisible fit.

Peace of Mind


Free mounting - no wasted time messing around with air bubbles.

Lifetime warranty - Wear and Tear Warranty gives you confidence in quality.

Our products

Best value

Originally developed to protect helicopter blades, this film offers a high level of protection at a very low cost.

Most popular

Flat glass protection. Seamless experience with excellent protection.


Best protection

Curved glass offers a seamless fit and best protects against the damage from drops.


Privacy and Security – protecting your information from spying eyes

Privacy Glass

How much do you spend keeping your company secrets safe?

Expensive data security and protection can all be for nothing if anyone can read your employees’ phones over their shoulder in a public space.

Our Privacy Glass offers full protection from damage and also stops anyone from reading what’s on your screen.

Tried and Tested

Join companies like Telia, Atea and XYZ – whose screens we’ve been protecting for many years.

Our products are made in Sweden using the highest quality materials. They are shipped quickly and include Customer Aftercare for as long as you need it.

Copter Experts are on hand to help protect your business.